The Legits movement

The Legits is the group of people that live their passion, emphasizing quality over quantity in life.
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Streetwear clothing

Our passion for urban art represented by unique clothing designs.
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Event agency

Our dedication to support the community and spreading the knowledge worldwide.
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Video production

We capture the moments and action and turn them into inspiring video content.
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The Legits Team

Martin MG Gilian

Martin MG Gilian

CEO & Founder

Founder and visionary of The Legits movement. After five years living in South Florida and earning the MBA in International Business, MG has worked in the street wear industry for the last seven years. Being a bboy and involved with the hip hop culture since 2004, while traveling to 35 countries, set the foundation and vision for the Passion Dictates Action movement. Within the company, MG has been involved mainly with the streetwear, event production, and brand direction.

Miro MK Krizan

Miro MK Krizan

Co-founder, Event & Video Manager

After finishing studies in Bratislava, Slovakia in 2009, Miroslav joined MG in the streetwear and event industry. In May 2013, he co-founded The Legits movement with MG. Little by little Miroslav found his passion in video and photography production and linked it with his passion for dance, while still being an active dancer. Miroslav handles all the video inquiries for The Legits Studios and deal with the event financial partnerships for the annual event The Legits Blast.

Marcel Miniboj Valko

Marcel Miniboj Valko

Creative Director

With 13 years of video production experience and 10 years with graphic design production, Marcel joined the team with the launch of The Legits movement in the mid of 2013. In addition, he has been active bboy since 2001 and DJ for the last 4 years, still battling, judging, and spinning at hip hop events worldwide. Within the company, Marcel is head designer for The Legits Streetwear and head video editor for The Legits Studios, using his rich production experience and creativity.