The Life Perspective S02 E07 | Laci Strike

March 28, 2016
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March 28, 2016

The Life Perspective S02 E07 | Laci Strike

Our long time friend and the only Slovak in The Legits Clan team is about to share his life perspective… 

With 26 years living his passion, Laci Strike is a great example that anything is possible. In a small country of Slovakia, he managed pretty big things. He was member of the legendary bboy crew Quassit, with which he traveled around Europe, representin’ Slovakia. He was organizing numerous bboy events in Slovakia and also experienced “hittin’ the streets” of Barcelona with his artform. Laci founded one of the most legendary streetdance schools in the region, called the Street Dance Academy. Later, he founded a “dream team” from among his students that has done lot of TV performances and theater shows under the label “Strike Force 1”. Also, Laci has been a member of the Dara Rolins Team.

“I don’t agree with the system, because it is devastatin’ human soul”

Laci Strike inspired lot of young people to get involved with dance, promoting healthy lifestyle and Hip Hop culture. As a TV celebrity, he has been able to reach out to masses. As for Hip Hop knowledge, he prefers to get first hand information and so he invited Mr. Wiggles and Crazy Legs to Slovakia many times.

“I feel that dancers in Slovakia have much bigger Hip Hop knowledge than rappers and their fans”

We respect Laci very much and that is why we decided to choose him to represent The Legits and become The Legits Clan member. Enough talk, let’s have Laci speak up for himself. Enjoy.

“If you will keep your idea only in your head, it will never happen”

For those that don’t know, The Life Perspective is a series of interviews with world famous urban artists who sticked to their passion and followed it throughout their life journey. Since our video production team travels quite a lot, we bring these interviews on a monthly basis. Questions for the interviews are quite simple, yet deep to crisp the subjective life perspective of individual artists based on their life experiences.

The Life Perspective S02 E07

Laci Strike  (Bratislava, SLOVAKIA)
Quassit Crew, Street Dance Academy, Strike Force 1, The Legits Clan, Dara Rolins Team

Questions we asked:
1. Who are you, what do you represent?
2. What is your passion?
3. Why did you choose your passion over regular routine life?
4. What is your inspiration in life?
5. What is your message for the world?

Produced by: The Legits Studios

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Stay tuned for our April episode.

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