The Life Perspective S02 E06 | Lego

February 29, 2016
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February 29, 2016

The Life Perspective S02 E06 | Lego

bboy Lego The Life perspective

Bboy Lego, one of Florida’s finest bboys who ever touched the floor, is about to share his perspective and life story…

Over 20 years in the game, Lego remains more than just relevant in the bboy scene around the world. His 305 (Miami) style got him recognized not only within the Florida scene, but labeled by many as King of Florida, Lego has been inspiring lot of hip hop heads worldwide.

“Anybody that actually digs deep in their art and wants to create something amazing with it is an inspiration to me”

Nicaragua born, as a member of the Flipside Kings crew, Lego has been battling, judging, and educating the youth, passing his knowledge and experiences on to upcoming generation. We were lucky enough to have Lego as a guest, teaching at the Catch the Flava summer camp last summer.

“Bboying has brought peace to my life”

Besides the scene, Lego has been part of theater shows in Miami in the past few years. But enough talk, let’s have Lego share his story in his own words. Enjoy.

“First of all, you have to believe in yourself, in your craft, in the ability that you can create something out of it “

For those that don’t know, The Life Perspective is a series of interviews with world famous urban artists who sticked to their passion and followed it throughout their life journey. Since our video production team travels quite a lot, we bring these interviews on a monthly basis. Questions for the interviews are quite simple, yet deep to crisp the subjective life perspective of individual artists based on their life experiences.

The Life Perspective S02 E06

Lego  (Miami, USA)
Flipside Kings

Questions we asked:
1. Who are you, what do you represent?
2. What is your passion?
3. Why did you choose your passion over regular routine life?
4. What is your inspiration in life?
5. What is your message for the world?

Produced by: The Legits Studios

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Stay tuned for our March episode.

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