The Life Perspective S02 E05 | Mex One

January 31, 2016
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January 31, 2016

The Life Perspective S02 E05 | Mex One

New Year is here and so another episode from The Life Perspective Series. This is our 15th episode and we got a very exclusive guest to feature. Why so exclusive and special? Read more in the article.  

Mex One, born in Mexico, raised in Los Angeles / Fort Lauderdale,  now residing in Orlando, is the man, without whom there would be no The Legits.  Maybe for many a surprise, but Mex or David (his real name) is the guy, who inspired and mentored one of the co-founders of The Legits (MG), who was a university student in South Florida at that time.

Mex was doing his thing long time before MG got to meet him, but his events Outbreak 3 and then Evolution (2007) got them to meet up for the first time and the rest is the history (birth of The Bboy Spot Europe, Outbreak Europe and finally The Legits). Shout out to Mex One for setting the right foundation and mindset for us. There are certain people who cross your path in life and influence it for many years to come,. For us this is Mex. Thank you bro. Enough about our common history, let’s talk more about Mex.

“My mother said: ‘If you learn how to work hard, you will never go hungry in your life and I have never been hungry in my life.'”

As a member of South Florida’s own Unique Styles Crew (Spee-D, Felix, Squid, Namek, and others), Mex dropped his first edition of Outbreak festival in 2003. The jam got recognized worldwide as one of the rawest and hardest to win. In 2013, Mex retired the jam in the USA and passed the torch to us (MG & MK)  for Outbreak Europe to continue.

In 2007, Mex founded his clothing brand Biggest & Baddest together with his homie Spen One. One year later, The Bboy Spot was born. Next, Mex put together The Squadron, the squad of ones of the illest bboys in the USA. Now, Mex is a proud father of his amazing son Danny, who is about to become future soccer superstar. Enough introduction, let’s have Mex speak up about his life…

“It is lot of work to live a passion, so don’t forget that, it does become a ‘full-time’ life. Those that prevail and stay consistent tend to be around mainly forever and those will be remembered even after they’re gone. so…”

For those that don’t know, The Life Perspective is a series of interviews with world famous urban artists who sticked to their passion and followed it throughout their life journey. Since our video production team travels quite a lot, we bring these interviews on a monthly basis. Questions for the interviews are quite simple, yet deep to crisp the subjective life perspective of individual artists based on their life experiences.

The Life Perspective S02 E05

Mex One  (Orlando, USA)
Unique Styles Crew, The Squadron, The Bboy Spot, Biggest & Baddest, Outbreak Festival

Questions we asked:
1. Who are you, what do you represent?
2. What is your passion?
3. Why did you choose your passion over regular routine life?
4. What is your inspiration in life?
5. What is your message for the world?

Produced by: The Legits Studios

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Stay tuned for our February episode.

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