The Legits at Bright Trade Show

January 28, 2016
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January 28, 2016

The Legits at Bright Trade Show

Last summer, celebrating two years of our existence, we decided to take it to the next level and visit our first trade show.  In July, for the first time, we were part of probably most prestigious street wear trade show in Europe. Bright Trade Show brings together ones of the illest street wear brands from around the world. The audience is mixed up with bloggers, suppliers, distributors, independent shop owners, media and street wear fans.

First trade show was an eye opener for us, realizing how street wear industry really works. Last week, we tried our luck for the second time. Our team, consisting of Kleju, our brand ambassador, Miniboj, our designer, and MG, one of the co-founders, was warmly welcomed by our friend Yalda, who is manager of the Red Bull BC One Allstars and has the coolest apartment in Berlin. Shout out to her for allowing us to stay at her place. It was some good vibes.

Anyway, let’s get back to the trade show. All we have to say is that this trade show is dominated by skateboarding culture. Mad skate brands everywhere with skate challenge and best European skatebording awards being held as part of the tradeshow, emphasized the impact skateboarding culture has in today’s street wear world. It’s pointless to compare size of skateboarding and bboy brands. Anyhow, much respect to all those bboy brands that hustle their way thru. Who has a brand, you know what I am talking about.

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Check our 15 second video recap

Our mission is obvious: representing our movement to the fullest, having our own vision of designs, cuts and the way we want to inspire people. We will do our best to represent our Hip Hop foundation outside the scene, cause to be honest,  some brands simply have no meaning or direction and rely solely on catchy quotes and weed associations.  After all, we managed to get some connections and positive feedback on our collections and we will be definitely back for the 2016 summer edition, which will take place again in Berlin last week of June.

Below, enjoy the official video recap from the trade show, featuring some Kleju’s moves.

Thanks everyone for continuous support.
Live it up!

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