The Legits Blast Festival 2015 Recap

August 10, 2015
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August 10, 2015

The Legits Blast Festival 2015 Recap

This summer was quite busy for us. Yes, we were preparing for the “bomb” aka the Blast festival for those legit people out there. Eight days of craziness filled with passion and action performed by 2700 legits in a tiny city of Banska Bystrica, Slovakia.

Breakin’, graffiti, djin’, mcin’, streetball, skateboarding, and more passions were “in the building”. The festival consisted of eight individual projects such as Catch the Flava Summer Camp, Hasta La Muerte 7th Year Anniversary, Outbreak Europe World Finals, Undisputed qualifier, Red Bull BC One Czech & Slovak Cypher, 3×3 Basket, Rep Your Country and the highlight The Legits Blast Concert.


Way too much action was taking place during those eight days, but Laze Elliott (the co-founder, producer, and DJ of the legendary M.O.P. all the way from Brooklyn, US) summed it all up for us really easy.

“I haven’t experienced hip hop event like this in 20 years. I felt like in the 90’s. There is hope that Hip Hop will be still alive. I want to fly myself and my daughter to Outbreak Europe next year, to show her what the real Hip Hop is.”


We feel very grateful about this, but this means even more hard work for the next year.  We have to keep it up and continue to make it even better for ya’ll to enjoy.

To see what was really going down this year, enjoy the 436-second aftermovie put together by The Legits Studios featuring the golden hands of one and only Miniboj Killa. We hope you guys had a blast, the real Legits Blast. Now, get some cold drink and watermelon, sit back, relax and press play. Thanks for all the support! Stay chilled and see you next year!

For more pictures from the festival, click HERE

Passion Dictates Action

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