Release of The Life Perspective Series

October 1, 2014
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October 1, 2014

Release of The Life Perspective Series

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Life without inspiration is not life. That is why we decided to supply you with some inspiration via interviews with world famous urban artists who sticked to their passion and decided to use it for their life journey. Since our video production team travels quite a lot, we will bring these interviews on a regular basis once a month. Questions for the interviews are very simple yet deep to crisp the subjective life perspective of individual artists based on their long term experiences.

Different people come from different background and that is why each interview brings often similar but sometimes radically different perspectives on life. The whole idea is to interview artists with different passion from dance, music, skateboarding to other lifestyles. We try to uncover both the “passion skill” and also the “human” character of each guest.

For our first guest, we chose our longtime friend bboy Keebz, who is not only an incredible dancer, but most importantly an amazing human being.  Now, sit back and enjoy what he has to say. Get inspired…

The Life Perspective #1

BBOY KEEBZ (Orlando, FL)
The Squadron, Mind 180, Flipside Kingz, Masters of Mayhem crew

Questions we asked:
1. Who are you, what do you represent?
2. What is your passion?
3. Why did you choose your passion over regular routine life?
4. What is your inspiration in life?
5. What is your message for the world?

Produced by: The Legits Studios

Stay tuned for October’s episode.